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Driving School Process

Applicants 16 Years of Age:
The first step towards getting your driving permit is to pass the written knowledge test, generally provided by the student’s high school. Once the test is passed and a “Blue Card or the Barcode receipt” is issued, we are able to begin working towards acquiring your permit from DMV.

If your child’s school does not provide the knowledge test, we can help! Click on the practice test link on our website to study for the test and take a practice test. We can administer the test at our office in Kenilworth. For students who are struggling to pass the test we offer tutoring in the office for $69 an hour.

Applicants 17 Years of Age:
If you are 17 years of age, you must take the knowledge test at the NJDMV. Driving schools in NJ are not permitted to administer the test for anyone 17 years old or above.

After Blue Card Is Issued:
There are two ways to begin the permit process:

  1. You can make an appointment in our Kenilworth Office and bring the proper identification
  2. We will come to your home to gather the information (for a travel fee)

Identification needed to apply for a permit along with Blue Card:
US Citizens: Original Birth Certificate or Valid US Passport and SS number
Non-US Citizens: Valid Passport and Visa or Green card, SS number

Permit Application
All of the appropriate original identification is submitted to the NJ DMV along with the permit
application. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for this process, especially based on unexpected
closures of DMV due to the pandemic. Once your temporary permit is received we will
immediately schedule the student for the mandatory 6 hours of driving instruction. The practice
sessions are divided into four 90 minute blocks of time. The cost depends on your location since
we come to you and our cars are used for the 6 hours. Please contact the office for more details
in pricing.
***Important Note regarding original identification:
After the 6 hours have been completed, the temporary permit along with all ORIGINAL
documents are resubmitted to DMV so that the permit can be stamped and validated. DMV will
NOT accept copies and for that reason we safeguard the originals in order to streamline the

When a valid permit is attained:
Students who are newly 16 years old have one year to practice driving according to the
restrictions on the permit and can go to DMV upon turning 17 to take their road test.
If you are 17 when you get your permit you must wait 6 months between getting your permit and
taking your test with DMV. If you are 21, you must wait 3 months before taking the test.

Requirements for the vehicle used for the road test at DMV:

  1. The car must be in overall good condition and have a valid inspection sticker
  2. The car must have red decal stickers on the front and back license plates
  3. All headlights and tail lights must be in working order
  4. There must be an emergency hand brake in the middle console
  5. The registration and insurance must be up to date

If you do not own a vehicle that meets these requirements, we can help! The following service
that we provide will be an additional fee to the permit and 6 hour driving fees:

  1. Pick you up at your home and do a one hour refresher course prior to going to DMV
  2. We will take you to and from DMV and you may use our car for the road test