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NJ Written Knowledge Test

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NJ Permit Test
(Written Knowledge Test)

United Driving School offers services for every step of the student driver journey. One of these very important steps is the NJ permit test, or the written knowledge test.  The NJ permit test is a written exam on traffic laws, rules, and regulations which all student drivers are required to pass by obtaining a score of at least 80% on this 50-question test.

While many students do complete this test in their high school driver education class, some schools do not offer this course or the ability to take the NJ permit test.

United Driving School is certified by the State of NJ to provide the NJ permit test to any student under 17 years of age, that signs up to take the 6 hour behind the wheel training with United Driving School.  Further, United Driving also offers the 30 hour driver theory course, the course commonly referred to as “driver’s ed” in the high schools.  If you work with United Driving School for the 30 hour driver theory course, then you will take the NJ permit test, as part of the course, with United Driving School.

All students who take the test with United Driving School, will receive the results in a timely fashion, and FNL Driving School also provides review prior to and following the test, helping our students to be better prepared drivers.